Bid Process

  1. The purpose of the Host Committee is to plan and hold an upcoming WSNAC convention; to protect the integrity and quality of WSNAC through adherence to the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous; and to maintain and improve the standards and quality of WSNAC by working with the WSNAC BOD.
    1. Up to two members of each Convention Committee are elected to serve as liaisons on the WSNAC BOD. One the year before the Convention, two the year of, and one the year
    2. The liaisons serve in a similar capacity to that of an RCM or RD who serve an Area or Region.
    3. The purpose of two liaisons the year of the Convention is to provide for greater representation of the hosting committee regarding current convention
  2. To maintain the financial integrity of WSNAC
    1. The Convention Committee is provided with a BOD approved budget.
    2. All expenses are documented and submitted to the BOD Treasurer for reimbursement monthly the year of the Convention. Receipts must accompany
  3. The Executive Committee provides guidance to the Convention Committee in the following ways:
    1. By adhering to the spiritual principles of Narcotics Anonymous in all
    2. By helping to promote an atmosphere of Recovery throughout the
    3. By helping to resolve issues that may arise during Convention
    4. By utilizing the two host committee’s liaisons to bring problems or concerns that cannot be resolved at this level to the
  1. The purpose of the WSNAC, Inc. Board of Director’s is to ensure the continuity of the convention each year
  2. Acting as a liaison between the host committee and the Wisconsin
    1. The Wisconsin Region has two elected representatives, both of whom serve two-year terms.
    2. These representatives serve in a capacity like that of an RCM or RD who serve their Area or the Region.
  3. Verifying that bid requirements for future WSNACs have been
  4. Ensuring the WSNAC, Inc. and the hosting convention committee are financial
    1. A written WSNAC BOD treasurers report, with current bank statement and balance sheet, will be submitted at each meeting of the WSNAC
  5. Being responsible for the filing of taxes, legal documents and all other matters related to the continuation of WSNAC and WSNAC,
    1. All contracts related to WSNAC need to be submitted to the WSNAC BOD for This includes, but is not limited to, contracts with the hotel, those for merchandise, taping services, entertainment options, etc.
  6. Providing guidance to the hosting committee in the following ways:
    1. By adhering to the principles of Narcotics Anonymous in all
    2. By helping promote an atmosphere of Recovery throughout the
    3. By helping to resolve difficult issues that may

The following information must be included in the bid package.

  1. A letter from the area chairperson supporting the submission and including the motion and outcome approving their Area’s bid submission
  2. A document from the bid committee summarizing:
    1. Why the Area wants to submit a bid
    2. Date It is suggested that WSNAC occur during the last two weeks of October (excluding Halloween weekend), but other dates can be
    3. How the convention will serve the primary purpose of Narcotics
    4. Demonstrated understanding to abide by the policies and guidelines of WSNAC, ,
    5. Demonstrated understanding of the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous.
    6. A written history of Narcotics Anonymous in the hosting Area, including a summary of Conventions or special events that may have been coordinated by the
  3. An Explanation of the theme and logo
  4. All completed forms
    1. Form 1: Area & WSNAC Board of Director’s Agreement
    2. Form 2: Hotel &/or Convention Center Specs for each venue
    3. Form 3: Service Resume
  5. A letter of support from
    1. the Mayor of the hosting city, as well as the
    2. Chamber of Commerce

This is intended to provide a brief chronology of preparing and presenting a WSNAC bid. It is an overview of the major steps and refers to the previous information and policies in the Bid Package.

  1. Form a bid committee
  2. Notify WSNAC Board President of possible submission
  3. Select Logo and
  4. Select three (3) venues for the host site located within or near the boundaries of the Area submitting the bid. The hosting site may be in a stand-alone hotel if it meets the space requirements or in a hotel/convention
  5. Recommendation: the hotel and convention center should be walking distance from
  6. Complete Form 1: Area & WSNAC Bid Agreement to include in the final bid package (After the Area Chair signs the document, mail it to the WSNAC The President will return a copy to both the Area Chairperson and the Bid Chairperson. The document shall be included in the bid package submitted August 1.)
  7. Fully complete Form 2: Hotel &/or Convention Center Specs for each venue. (See Form 2 Instructions for assistance)
  8. Complete Form 3: Service Resumes for the following Host Committee positions
    1. Chairperson
    2. Vice Chairperson
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Awareness and Entertainment Chairperson
    6. Arts & Graphics Chairperson
    7. Convention Guides Chairperson
    8. Hotels & Hospitalities Chairperson
    9. Merchandise Chairperson
    10. Programming Chairperson
    11. Registration & Convention Information Chairperson

NOTE: Leave vacant positions open, however, provide information on current & future recruitment activities.

  1. Gather Letters of support from the following dignitaries or organizations and should be included in the bid

Mayor or town chairperson Convention Bureau Executive Director

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

NOTE: Remember: we do not accept assistance that might infer endorsement or affiliation.

  1. Assemble & deliver bid package to WSNAC Board President by August
  2. Present and discuss bid with the WSNAC board at the September BOD meeting, with no fewer than two (2) bid committee members
  3. Following the September BOD meeting, each bid package will be posted on for fellowship

NOTE: to be posted on, the bid package must be assembled as one document.

  1. Present bid to the fellowship at the October convention, with no fewer than four (4) bid committee members

The bid will be broken down into four sections for scoring. Only the board members present and participating for all four sections may vote.

  1. Section one: The August 1 bid package mailed or emailed to the WSNAC Board President. This document will be scored on the thorough assembly and completion of all requested information.

High score: 30 points Average score: 20 points

Unsatisfactory score: 10 points

NOTE: The bid committee will receive recommendations for improvement following this section review by the WSNAC Board.

  1. Section Two: the September BOD meeting Presentation. This presentation will be scored on the thorough assembly, completion, and presentation of all requested

High score: 30 points Average score: 20 points

Unsatisfactory score: 10 points

NOTE: following the September board meeting, the bid packages will be posted on for fellowship review.

  1. Section Three: When the Area submitting a bid last hosted a WSNAC convention. 8 yrs. or more: 25 points

7 yrs.:   20 points

6 yrs.:   15 points

5 yrs.:   10 points

4 yrs.:   5 points

3 yrs.:   0 points

  1. Section four: The Vote:

Winner: 15 Points

Loser:   0 points

    The highest number of points available is 100.

    The bid with the highest score will host the WSNAC convention.    The winner will be announced before the Sunday Speaker.