Board Of Directors

John R.


Rand W.

Vice-President; Merchandise Liaison

Mandy R.

Secretary; Website Coordinator

Becky A-B.


Cindy W.

Vice-Treasurer; Policy and Data Collection

Francisco M.

Director at Large; Registration Liaison

Wayne Tee

Director at Large; Programming Liaison

John M.

Director at Large; Arts & Graphics Liaison

Cindy W.

WRSC Rep (Even)

Sue B.

WRSC Rep (Odd); Convention Guides Liaison

Marco S.

WSNAC 34 Rep; Activities & Entertainment Liaison

Mark M.

WSNAC 35 Rep; Hotels & Hospitality Liaison

Alice H.

WSNAC 36 Rep

Becky S.

WSNAC 36 Rep

Jess M.

WSNAC 37 Rep.

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